Is 200 Hr enough to make you a yoga teacher?

Is 200 Hr enough to make you a yoga teacher?

Is 200 Hr enough to make you a yoga teacher

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is the most basic Yoga Teachers Training Course and is based on the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga as taught by Sage Patanjali. These teachings go back 5000 plus years and are extremely extensive. We have, however, condensed the teachings into a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course so that you can imbibe the true teachings and learn sufficiently to become a professional Yoga Teacher accredited by the Yoga Alliance, USA. As our courses are accredited, you will be equipped to become a Yoga Teacher of a high calibre through Yoga that involves a lifetime of practice and learning.

The reasons why a 200 hour of Yoga Teachers Training is sufficient to make you a Yoga teacher are listed below:

Teaching you the fundamentals of Yoga and what it means to be a Yogi

In this 200-hour Yoga Course, you will learn the very core of Yoga from its basics. You will live a Yoga lifestyle during the course so that you can imbibe the teachings of Yoga not just theoretically but experientially. An experiential method of learning will help bring you to optimum wellness of mind and body which of course is one of the main purposes of Yoga; Yoga is for everlasting peace and when you do the 200 hours Yoga course you will feel a deep peace embodying you which you may not have experienced before.

When you experience such states you will be more receptive to the fundamental and higher teachings of Yoga. For the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training to give you the best benefits possible, we require you to co-operate with our carefully designed schedule. Without complying with the schedule you will not experience the purpose of Yoga nor will you be given a certificate of completion which entitles you to register with the Yoga Alliance. If you are not registered with the Yoga Alliance you will not be authorised to teach.

Learning from an authentic tradition

Yoga is an ancient science and preserving its integrity in the modern world is not easy. The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In India has been condensed into 200 hours which runs for 4 weeks. You may well ask how you can learn such a profound science in a month. The truth of the matter is that yes, of course, you cannot learn yoga in its full entirety during this period but you can gather the foundation on which Yoga is based; when there is a strong foundation you will have all the tools needed to teach and practice. You will still get to learn the authentic teachings of Yoga without compromise. Our teachings have been distilled in a way that you get to learn authentic teachings in a simplified manner.

Understanding how to teach yoga in the modern world

Teaching yoga in the modern world is a skilful art that requires a strong foundation in Yoga. The 200-hour Yoga teacher training In Rishikesh will provide you with just that. Not only will you be given authentic teachings but you will be taught the art of teaching safely and professionally. Passing on authentic Yoga teachings safely and professionally is paramount to your teaching career. Once you have successfully completed the 200-hour Yoga teacher training, you will be perfectly equipped to teach and have the confidence that your teachings are in line with the authentic tradition of Yoga.

Teaching with standards of safety

Yoga is for healing so teaching with safety is paramount; nowadays many Yoga-based injuries occur due to incorrect instructions from the teacher. We will therefore be running classes on how to teach Yoga safely so that you will never come up against such situations. We will teach you how to handle students of all ages and health statuses so that you can manage a wide variety of students with confidence.

The 200-hour Yoga Teachers Course also holds detailed alignment classes so that you can work correctly with each asana thereby enabling your student to attain his/her optimum posture with ease.

Certification from the Yoga Alliance

The 200-hour Yoga Teachers Training programme is registered by the Yoga Alliance USA which is one of the most well known Yoga accreditation bodies across the globe. This means that on successful completion of the course, you can become a registered Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance offers other courses and information online that you can subscribe to for the further enhancement of your skills.

To conclude, you can become an excellent Yoga Teacher by joining the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course; there are further advanced courses such as the 300 and 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training Courses but these can only be applied for after successful completion of the 200-hour course. You can of course enrol on these courses but we can assure you that a 200-hour Yoga Course is more than sufficient for you to become a successful Yoga teacher.

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