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There is a plethora of Yoga teaching from all over the world in the form of classes and Yoga Teacher Training courses so why choose India, one might ask. Classes are available across the globe so how does one choose and where does one go for a yoga teachers training course? India is the obvious place to go for it is the land where yoga originated. Nevertheless, India is abundant with yoga teachers training course but Rishikesh remains the international capital of yoga

The top seven reasons about what is special about studying Yoga in India

1.Yoga originated from India

Born from India at least 5000 years ago, Yoga is considered to be a timeless science. Sages and Yogis have practiced Yoga in India for millennia, particularly in the Himalayan regions.

The land of India is entrenched with the vibrations of Yoga as well as Ayurveda (the ancient science of Healing), which is a sister science of Yoga, supporting a healthy, happy and harmonious lifestyle. Many of the people of India naturally live Yoga and Ayurveda based lifestyle thereby making India a highly supportive environment for the practice and learning of Yoga. The environment in which you stay can have a profound effect on your way of being, thinking and actions as the subtle vibrations of the place are imbibed sub consciously into one’s deeper consciousness. Just as the food you eat affects your mind and body so does what you ingest through your sensory organs.

2. Experience the ashram lifestyle in yogic style.

Ashrams are places of shelter for the practice of spiritual teachings. They have existed for centuries all over India but more so in renowned places of pilgrimage. To come to India for Yoga means you can live an authentic Yoga lifestyle throughout the time you are here. In other parts of the world the ‘age old’ concept of Ashrams does not exist so you will not have the experience of Yoga in its living entirety. Ashram life is an age old tried and tested formula for health, harmony and happy living. The schedules have been designed over centuries to enhance the spiritual evolution process,

3. Mantra chanting

The chanting of mantras, literally translated as ‘freedom from the mind’ is an essential part of uplifting the mind to higher states of being. Mantras originate from the most ancient texts of India, the Vedas and the sound vibrations emitted from them work on the purification of the mind and body on the deepest levels. When mantras are chanted according to the prescribed rhythm, intonation and meter of the traditional methods, they become even more powerful in the elevation of consciousness. India abounds with a heritage of mantra chanting; in India you will hear mantra chanting in every corner from shops to homes to the streets. You can easily find highly skilled teachers of mantra chanting which will enable the proper transmission of mantra from teacher to student thereby enabling the student to chant according to the traditional methods for optimum benefits.

4.Yoga teachers born into the heritage of Yoga

In India, you will find teachers born into the tradition of Yoga. Their genes carry the message of Yoga as if second nature to them. Many have thrived on a Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle for their entire life. For this reason, the teachings of Yoga can be transmitted in an authentic undiluted manner. It is important that we practice and teach authentic Yoga to preserve this age-old tradition in its original form. In today’s world we find authentic Yoga being compromised to appeal to the masses in order to increase cash revenue. The combination of teachers from the Yoga heritage together with their international accreditation makes India the perfect place to learn.

5. Choose from an abundance of Yoga Schools

There are indeed many schools of Yoga within India and to choose the ‘right’ one for you may seem like a complex task. India has Yoga practitioners and teachers in every corner of the land and you will find representations of ‘divinity’ everywhere. The symbols of divinity are for us to connect with the greater powers that be which are ultimately the purpose of Yoga. In India you can choose a Yoga school to suit the climatic and geographical conditions you wish to be in. Rishikesh, in the North of India, has become the hub of Yoga internationally and you will find around 300 Yoga Schools in close proximity. To choose the school for you, it would be wise to research and get word of mouth feedback regarding the school. Furthermore, do make sure the school of your choice has been internationally accredited. Without international accreditation, you will not be able to teach Yoga across the globe as you will be denied insurance to cover any mishaps in the unlikely event that they may occur

6. Experience the divinity of Yoga in daily life

India has the oldest knowledge systems of the world which describes living according to Dharma, the principle of non-violence. The whole culture and ethos of India is permeated with Santana Dharma (the universal way of life). The ways of life in India are genetically blue-printed with this way of life. Santana Dharma provides a non-dogmatic way for everyone to connect with the ‘powers that be’ though leading a healthy wholesome life. Sanatana Dharma is indeed universal for it states that one may connect with the higher powers and therefore peace through any type of worship. Hinduism which emerged from Santana Dharma offers us nature, deities, and more to connect with the divine; it is for this reason Hinduism is one of the most tolerant religions in the world. You will see Indians connecting with the divine through their worship altars in their homes, shops, transport vehicles, work instruments etc. This recognition of divinity is a great way for one to see the presence of divinity in all that exists thereby connecting with it at all times thru multifarious ways. India, despite its imperfections, is a land where you can feel the vibrations of divinity at every step. This in turn will enhance your experiential understanding of Yoga.

7. The Guest is God (Athithi Devo Bhava)

Yoga is not just a ‘mat’ experience but a way of life; a life of awareness and mindfulness which extends to the non-violence of oneself and the greater environment we are surrounded by. India is a culture like no other where hospitality is profusely extended to the ‘guest’. Anyone coming from outside India will feel an extraordinary sense of welcome and ‘homeliness’ from their stay in India. Treating the ‘other’ as God is Yoga in action as it indicates a sense of unity and oneness, which is of course the ultimate purpose of Yoga.

Study Yoga at Anadi Yoga Centre in Rishikesh.

Given India is the land where yoga originated and it is still very much part of the lives of people here, India is the best choice for yoga training. You will feel the vibrations of yoga here in a way that you will not feel in any other part of the globe. We therefore recommend that you come to Anadi Yoga Centre for yoga teachers training In Rishikesh so that you can energetically imbibe the feeling of yoga and live in an environment that supports yoga.

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