fluency in english mandatory for Yoga Teachers Training

Is english mandatory for Yoga TTC

Is fluency in english mandatory

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Is fluency in english mandatory for Yoga Teachers Training Courses?

Whilst many Yoga Teachers Training Courses in India are taught through the medium of the English language, some are taught in India’s native languages. Here at the Anadi Yoga Centre, we teach in the medium of English and are teachers are highly competent in English. However, we have many students who come from non- English speaking backgrounds and have never found it an issue to be taught through the medium of English. Our Yoga Teachers Training Courses are taught not only through language and demonstration but also through gestures. Fluency in English is therefore not essential. A little knowledge of English will even suffice for our courses so please be rest assured that language limitations will not be an obstacle.

We also provide written material which can be translated through google. Furthermore if there is a group coming with a requirement for a particular language, we can arrange a translator subject to prior discussionhowever additional charges may apply.

Rest assured, the Anadi Yoga Centre has had students from across the globe and none of them have faced any problems due to lack of fluency in English. Our teachers are very well trained at teaching students with minimal English as they have been doing this for years. However , should you face any issues, please take them up with our teachers who will do their best for you to comprehend the teachings fully.


Our teachers are just as keen as you are to get you through the Yoga Teachers Training Courses and will give their utmost to make all teachings comprehensible to you. Never feel shy about approaching our teachers in the group or personally if there is something you don’t understand. English is a commonly used language across the world but we do not expect you to have fluency in English if you are not from a non-English speaking country.

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