Books written by our teachers

Samvedna (The Divine sensation)


This book is written by our philosophy teacher “Sri Nalin Sharma” (Guru Ji). It is about realizations at the time of deep meditation. The contents of this book are not exactly in traditional book shape. You will find an interesting flow and presentation of the contents in a very interesting way. This book is wonderful for quick look and day to day regular reading. You just turn a page of it and live that thought of the page whole of your day. This book has got lots of applause.

Vedant Pradyot (Special Light of the Knowledge of Vedanta)


This book is also written by our philosophy teacher “Sri Nalin Sharma” (Guru Ji). “Vedanta” is the highest knowledge of the “Veda”. “Vedanta” is about our “true self”. In “Vedanta” various terminologies have been used, it was actually call of the time to have right understanding and definition of those terminologies. In “Vedant Pradyot”, Sri Nalin has presented every important definition in the subject of “Vedanta”. This book is very warmly appreciated by all the readers.




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