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Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS) - Anadi Yoga Center Rishikesh is known for their knowledgable, teachers (Yoga Alliance Certified) in India.

Visas for India
Due to the Covid pandemic the visa situation is in flux. Normally Anadi School participants come on tourist visas. However during the pandemic, the tourist visa has been restricted to one month. Student visas sponsorship is not offered by Anadi School as of yet.
Both electronic visas and non-electronic visas are offered by the Ministry of Home Affairs; however some countries are not party to electronic visas. Before applying for your visa, we suggest that you visit the following Indian Government website for information on what visa to apply for. Here is the site:
You must also visit the site of your local Indian diplomatic post as this is where you will be applying for your visa. The guidelines and timeframes for visa processing for each country may vary so we strongly suggest that you visit the local site online and/or contact your local Indian diplomatic post for in depth guidance.
How do I reach Anadi School?

Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandi International Airport, (IGI)New Delhi
Nearest domestic Airport: Jolly Grant (DED) Dehardun
The fastest and easiest way to reach Anadi Yoga Centre, Rishikesh is a flight from New Delhi to Dehradun airport (DED) Airport

Airport Transfer on request

Anadi Yoga Centre have a tie-up with the local transporter, you can request for airport transfer and our team will happily assist you.
Price from Jolly Grant Airport: US 15 $ Private Taxi
Price from New Delhi Airport: US 65 $ Private Taxi

By Train

Alternatively, we can assist with a train ticket from Delhi to Haridwar or Dehardun, both railway station is nearest railway station from Rishikesh. Approximate train travel time is 6 hours. You can book online or ask our team to assist you
We can also assist a private taxi from the railway station to our center at an additional cost.

By Bus

You can book an online ticket from the government website at, please note you need to register first to log in. If you need help, our travel desk will be happy to assist you
What kind of accommodation is provided by Anadi Yoga School?
We offer clean, light and airy accommodation at AnadiYoga to suit your budget. You can choose from a variety of rooms which includes single rooms or twin sharing; all our rooms have an attached bathroom. Some of our rooms have balconies with spectacular views of the abounding natural scenery of Rishikesh. Our rooms are regularly cleaned by our staff; this gives you more time to focus on the programme you have chosen. Should you have any queries about accommodation, please feel free to contact us and we will happily advise you on the best option for you.
What kind of food will I get at Anadi Yoga Centre?
We serve organic vegetarian meals 3 times a day. We also offer you herbal teas and an unlimited supply of hot water.AnadiYoga food is based on Yoga and Ayurveda principles which means that they are non-spicey, light, nutritious, easy to digest and help optimise wellness of the mind and body. Should you have any dietary needs/preferences such as gluten free/vegan etc we are usually able to accommodate them after prior discussion between you and the relevant persons at Anadi. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests and queries about your food requirements and we will do our best to cater for you needs.
Can I eat my own food at Anadi School?
Anadi has a carefully designed diet for optimum wellness during the programmes. If you want to eat out or bring outside food into Anadi, please consult with the Anadi management beforehand. Non-vegetarian food including meat, fish and eggs are not permissible on the Anadi Yoga premises. Furthermore consumption of such foods during any of the Anadi programmes will drastically reduce the benefits that can be gained from the programme in question. In other words, AnadiSchool strictly advises against the consumption of such foods during the course of the programme.
Facility at Anadi Yoga Centre


We have laundry facilities available at the Anadi School so you may avail these services at an extra cost. Should there be any damage to your clothes,Anadi Yoga School will not be held responsible


We, at AnadiYoga Centre offer you free unlimited internet ( not that you will have much time to use it). Our internet is high speed and generally in a working condition. However, there are the occasional network breakdowns, beyond our control and sometimes freak weather, like rain storms can impair the functioning of our internet. We do not have any PC’s for you to use so you will need to bring your own gadgets to connect to our Wi-Fi.

Air-conditioning and heating

Our rooms do not have air conditioning; we have fans that you can use as and when required. Heating is provided via blow heaters if necessary. Please use our electrical facilities with care and conversation to avoid escalation of unnecessary costs for the Anadi School and to minimise your carbon footprints. Our Yoga Hall is neither heated nor air conditioned so that you can breathe in pure unadulterated air
Is Anadi School safe and is Rishikesh safe?
Anadi School is a safe place and we have done all we can to make Anadi a safe haven for all who come here; there have been no reported mishaps here at Anadi School. As far as Rishikesh is concerned the crime rate is very low compared to most places in India. We do however recommend that you take the following precautions to keep safe in Rishikesh:
  • Dress according to the dress code we suggest
  • Don’t travel to secluded places alone; go in groups
  • Don’t walk around after dark unless you are in a group
  • Don’t accept lifts from strangers
  • Don’t eat food offered by strangers
  • Don’t stay overnight alone in an unknown place
What are the medical facilities available at the Anadi School and in Rishikesh and how do you do deal with medical emergencies?
AnadiYoga Centre is connected to a local medical practitioner who can be called to the Anadi premises if required. Other than that Rishikesh has many medical practitioners as well as hospitals and clinics should the need arise. There are also numerous Ayurveda practitioners as well as several multi-disciplinary hospitals should you require an alternative way of healing; please note that alternative healing may not be appropriate in acute emergency situations.
Can I take my prescribed medicines or any health supplements whilst at Anadi?
Yes, you can take your prescribed medicines at Anadi. Let Anadi know what you are taking and bring a copy of your prescription along with a medical letter to show your fitness to partake in the programme; this mustbe shown the Anadi management. Regarding self-prescribed supplements, please let Anadi management know what you are taking as the intake of supplements may or may not be appropriate for the programme you wish to enrol on.
Can I take non prescribed drugs or alcohol during the Anadi programmes?
Alcohol and narcotics are strictly prohibited during any of the Anadi programmes and they must not be brought onto the Anadi premises nor should they be consumed for the duration of the programme (even off the Anadi premises). Consumption of such substances whilst on Anadi programmes could not only be extremely injurious to your health but will substantially reduce the benefits you are likely to gain from the programmes.
Can I attend the programmes if I have a medical condition or am pregnant?
Should you have a medical condition or are pregnant, please disclose this to us beforehand and provide a medical certificate from your medical practitioner to show us your fitness to attend the programme. Should you fail to disclose your medical condition and it becomes apparent to us during the course, we may ask you to leave the programme on medical grounds and there will be NO refund of any fees paid. Anadi seeks to enhance your health and wellness and would not want to jeopardise your health status if we feel that attending the chosen programme would be detrimental to your health.
Shall I take any vaccines to enter India?
There are certain vaccines that are recommended but the choice is yours. Please check with your Medical Practitioner regarding which vaccines you need to take if any. Now with the prevalence of COVID, there may be COVID vaccines you need to take; India as of now does not require you to have taken a COVID vaccine to enter; however these rules may change from time to time. The country you are departing from or seeking to enter may have COVID vaccine requirements so please make sure you are up to date with the rules and regulations of COVID before you depart from India. The rules are liable to change from time to time and so it is imperative that you do your own research on this matter.
What is special about the Anadi School?
Anadi is not only situated in one of the most sublime places of the world, it is also a well renowned, international Yoga Centre. Having taught thousands of students across the globe, Anadi School is both authentic and professional in its approach. Anadi teaches the ancient teachings of Yoga in their authentic form in a contemporary way that can be assimilated by the modern world. The teachers at Anadi School come from various backgrounds, have a passion for Yoga and ‘walk their talk’ by integrating Yoga into their own lifestyles. When Yoga becomes a lifestyle for the teacher, the teachings become much more powerful. Anadi students therefore have the advantage of learning Yoga from authentic teachers and thereby imbibe the true essence of Yoga in a way that may not be found in other schools of Yoga.
What programmes are offered by Anadi?
Anadi offers a variety of programmes including Yoga Teachers Training courses accredited by the Yoga Alliance, USA and a variety of wellness Retreats. Anadi is a Registered Yoga School ( RYS). Should you require assistance in choosing the appropriate programme, please read our website carefully and do feel free to contact us with any queries. The programmes currentlyoffered by Anadi are as follows:
  • Yoga Teachers Training courses for 200 hours,300 hours and 500 hours
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Ayurveda Retreats
  • Therapeutic Retreats
What are the eligibility requirements for the Yoga Teachers Training Courses?
Everyone is eligible to attend subject the age and health conditions mentioned above. The 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course is the foundation of all the other Yoga Teachers Training courses. Hence to attend the 300 hour course you must have completed the 200 hour course. The 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course has no eligibility criteria apart from the medical and age conditions given above.
Can I attend the Yoga Teachers Training Courses if I have no experience of Yoga?
No prior experience of Yoga is necessary to attend our foundation 200 hours Teachers Training Course or our 500 hours teachers training course. We will train you from beginner level to intermediated level during the 200 hour course. Our 300 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course requires the student to have competed the 200 hour Teachers Training Course.
What happens if I miss any daysof the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?
To receive your certificate of completion, you must attend all the sessions as per our schedule in order to comply with the Yoga Alliance requirements. Failure to attend any sessions could disqualify you from the course and obtaining a completion certificate. However, subject to Anadi’s management discretion, we may be able to assist you in compensating for the missed sessions during the same course; this would happen in the most rare and exceptional of circumstances. The Yoga Teachers Training programmes have been uniquely designed with continuity in mind as this not only helps you with the assimilation of the teachings but also enables you to become the best possible Yoga Teacher.
Is there any free time during the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?
During the 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour course you will have a day off on Sunday. You are welcome to attend our outings if you so choose or have the day to yourself. When you do have time off, we highly recommend that you continue to partake in a vegetarian diet and do not indulge in narcotics of any kind.
Is Anadi Yoga School a Yoga Alliance Registered School
Yes, Anadi is a Yoga Alliance Registered School with an esteemed international reputation.
Will I be able to teach Yoga after completing Teacher Training?
Yes. By successfully completing all of the requirements of Anadi’s Teacher Training Program you will receive your certificate of completion which must be at least the 200Hour Level. You will also need to register with the Yoga Alliance, USA as a RYT200, which is the minimum standard organisations look for when, when hiring yoga teachers.
Will I be able to teach Yoga anywhere in the world?
Yes, Anadi’s Yoga Teacher’s training course certificates enable you to teach Yoga across the world once you register with the Yoga Alliance. However, each country will have its own insurance guidelines so you will need professional indemnity insurance from the country you choose to teach in. Most insurance providers recognize Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teachers Training Courses and will issue you insurance on the basis of 200 hour, 300 hour or 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training certificates accredited by the Yoga Alliance.
Are books and materials included in the price of the training?
The costs of books and course materials are included in the tuition.
When will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?
Upon receipt of your application, Anadi will be contact you via e-mail within 7-10 working days to let you know the outcome of your application.
Will I be a certified yoga teacher?
Yes, you will be a “certified yoga teacher”. Anadi is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance USA which “registers” teachers. You will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance after receiving your certificate of completion from Anadi School.
What is the process for Yoga Alliance Registration?
Please check the Yoga Alliance, USA website for details of the procedure. The process is relatively straightforward and one you will need to do yourself. In case you need assistance, Anadi team will assist you with the process.
Do I have to pay extra for Yoga Alliance Registration?
Yes, you will have to pay an additional amount for registration with the Yoga Alliance. Current rates can be found on the Yoga Alliance, USA website.
Is Yoga suitable for everyone?
Yoga is an ancient science originating about 5000 years ago. It is applicable across time and space. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, Yoga can be made suitable for everyone regardless of age ( except for young children) and fitness level. However, this does not mean that our Yoga Teachers Training Courses are suitable for everyone. The eligibility criteria to join Anadi’s Yoga Teachers Training Courses have been given above,
Are yoga classes safe?
Yes, Yoga classes are generally safe when performed under the guidance of Anadi’s experience registered Yoga Teachers. Should you feel any discomfort during the class, please inform the teacher and don’t push the body unnecessarily though a certain amount of physical challenge is necessary. It is necessary to ‘listen’ to the body to avoid injury. Yoga postures can be improved through correct breathing and alignment so if you do not follow these principles, Yoga can become harmful. Should you have any doubts about how far to go in posture, please ask one of Anadi’s Yoga Instructors.
Do I need to bring special equipment or clothes to attend a Yoga Teachers Training Course?
Anadi will provide you with all the equipment for the Yoga Teachers Training Courses, though this will be returnable at the end of the course. Regarding clothing we advise on the following: • Wear comfortable loose comfortable clothing during the Course • The clothing should be breathable hence made of natural fabrics such as cotton • Remove jewellery and watches during the Yoga Asana classes; we actually advise you not to bring such valuable items to the course in case of loss. Anadi will not be responsible for any losses of your valuables or any other items so we request you to personally take care of your possessions.
What type of retreats does Anadi offer?
We offer 3 types of retreats: • Yoga retreats • Ayurveda retreats • Therapeutic retreats
Who can attend the retreats?
Anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 can attend our retreats. Should you have any medical conditions, please consult your medical practitioner to ensure you are fit enough to attend the retreat. Anadi would also require a copy of your medical fitness certificate so that we can adapt our retreat to meet your needs, if required.
Do I have to follow the retreat schedule in its entirety?
For optimum wellness and benefits, it is advisable that you attend the entire schedule. However, if you are unable to attend the entire schedule, please discuss this matter with Anadi Management.
Are there any certifications for the retreats?
No, there are no certifications for the retreats; these retreats are designed for your healing and wellness and not for teaching.
Other information
Most of the information given above pertaining to Anadi School’s Yoga Teachers Training Courses apply to all our retreats apart from the certification aspects.
Who can attend a Yoga retreat?
Yoga retreats are suitable for all whether you are a beginner, intermediate or at advanced level. The Yoga retreats give you a chance to live a Yoga lifestyle as well as learn and consolidate Yoga practice. There are no eligibility requirements apart from the age and medical criteria mentioned above.
Who can attend an Ayurveda retreat?
Anyone can attend an Ayurveda retreat. These retreats are for wellness purposes and there are no eligibility requirements apart from the age and medical criteria mentioned above.
Who can attend a Therapeutic retreat?
Anyone can attend a Therapeutic retreat. These retreats are for wellness purposes and there are no eligibility requirements apart from the age and medical criteria mentioned above.
Admission, Registration & Refund Policy

How do I book Anadi Yoga School Programmes?

Please book your programme on line but should you have any queries about the programme, please contact us first. Do not book your programme until you are absolutely sure you have chosen the appropriate programme for your requirements. We require a 20 percent down payment when you book your programme and the balance of the payment will be due at the commencement of the programme

Are there any age restrictions for the programme?

Our programmes are open to those between the ages of 18 and 60. However, in certain cases, we may waive the age limits. Should you fall outside the age limits, please contact us and we will use our discretion to decide if you can attend the programme of your choice.

What is the refund policy if I cancel my booking?

No refund will be offered for any programme cancelled by you. However, in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion, we may offer to hold your payment against any future programmes booked within a specified timeframe. Please note that this will only be done at the discretion of the Anadi Management team and will therefore not apply in the majority of cases.

What if I leave my programme before it ends?

If you leave the programme before it ends, you will not receive any certifications in the case of the Yoga Teachers Training Courses (there are no certifications for the other programmes). A break in the continuity of the programme is not permissible. In other words if you take a break from the course outside what is prescribed in the course schedule you cannot compensate for it by enrolling onanother programme. You will have to restart the programme and pay the full fees due for another programme. In the case of Yoga Teachers Training Courses no certification will be awarded where there is a voluntary break in the continuity of the course.

Will I have any breaks whilst I am on an Anadi Programme?

Anadi has scheduled breaks built into all programmes. Breaks outside the schedule are not advised by Anadi. For the Yoga Teachers Training Course, any break may jeopardise the acquisition of your certificate of completion. For the retreats,any breaks will affect the benefits and learning you can obtain from the programme

Will Anadi arrange any outings during the course of the programmes?

Anadi will arrange special outings for all participants so that you can get a feel of Rishikesh and its surrounds. Places of historical, spiritual will be selected along with places of natural beauty. In this way you will be able to imbibe the history, serenity and vibe of Rishikesh.

Will I have to pay for excursions arranged by Anadi?

No, Anadi will not be charging extra for these excursions.These costs are included within the programme fees.

Can I arrange my own outings in and around Rishikesh?

Yes, you can arrange your own outings as per the time off scheduled by Anadi. You will need to inform Anadi where you will be going and how long you will be away for. Anadi can also guide you on the best places to visit. Any outings you arrange by yourself will need to be paid for by you and not byAnadi.

Are there any interesting places to visit in and around Rishikesh?

Rishikesh and its surrounds abound with places of interest. From natural scenic beauty to places of historical interest, just take your pick; and most are within Rishikesh or within a close proximity. Here is a list of some of the most popular places visited by Anadi School participants: • The numerous white sandy beaches in and around Rishikesh • VasishtaGufa ( a cave where the ancient Sage Vasishta meditated) • KunjaPuri Temple ( an ancient temple of the Goddess) • Haridwar (translated as the gateway to God); this is usually the starting point for the pilgrimages up to the higher regions of the Himalayas. Haridwar itself has many places of historical and spiritual interest. • A famous temple by the name of Neel Kant Mahadev
More information on local tourism and tourism within the state of Uttarakhand where Rishikesh is located can be found on uttarakhand tourism government site
How is the weatherin Rishikesh in and what clothes shall I bring? There are five main seasons in Rishikesh with the approximate temperatures are as below: • Autumn from mid Sept to mid-December • Winter from mid-December to mid-February • Spring from mid-February to mid-April • Summer from mid-April to mid-June • Monsoon from mid-June to mid Sept However due to global warming, there may be freak changes in weather from time to time.
Our clothing recommendations are as follows: • Autumn – a mixture of warm and cool weather clothes as Rishikesh can be hot by day and much cooler by night. • Winter – warm clothes which include jumpers, sweaters, socks and all the items you might expect to wear in a cold country as temperatures do drop a lot. • Spring – a mixture of warm and cooling clothes as Rishikesh can be hot by day and much cooler by night. Early spring can be quite cool by night but later spring will be hot both by day and night. • Summer- cooling clothes – it’s hot and that means it gets progressively hot as the season progresses. • Monsoon – usually cooling clothes are the best as the weather can be quite hot and humid For details of temperatures in Rishikesh on a month by month basis, please visit the the link below. This will give you a clearer idea of the changes in temperature throughout the year.
Shopping in Rishikesh

There are an abundance of shops in Rishikesh which cater for most things you need. The main thing Rishikesh does not offer is some laptop and phone relating goods and services. For example, there is no service centre for Apple products in Rishikesh however there is one in Dehradun. We would therefore advise you to bring extra cables and adaptors if possible to minimise time spent on replacing and fixing digital accessories.

There are three main shopping areas in Rishikesh and you may buy almost anything from clothes to handicrafts and jewellery plus all your daily use items. Rishikesh has a vast array of beautiful clothing coming from all parts of India; it does not have much in the way of internationally branded items though you may pick up some at the few thrift stores Rishikesh has.

What to bringto Rishikesh
  • Mosquito repellent especially for the rainy and hot seasons
  • Sunscreen
  • Loose fitting clothes for Yoga
  • Going out clothes that suit the culture and surrounds of Rishikesh (see dress code below
  • Clothing according to the season – described in the section on ‘seasons’ above
  • Your digital accessories though we would like you to keep your use of digital appliances to a bare minimum
  • Your bathroom toiletries though you can get a lot of very high quality product in Rishikesh. You may prefer, however, to use the ones you are used to
  • Towels though we do provide them
  • Sanitary pads or cups for your periods though Rishikesh does have sanitary pads, albeit not as good in quality as you might get from your country. Rishikesh also has cloth sanitary reusable pads.
  • Any prescribed medicines or supplements

We do suggest that you travel as light as a minimalist life is part of the Yoga lifestyle but at the same time we do not want you to waste your precious time shopping for bits and pieces that you could have brought from your home.

We are not suggesting that you jump into the heights of austerities like our ancient yogis who lived with a loin cloth or two and managed with whatever came their way.

Other than the above, Rishikesh has most things available apart from the full of array of digital accessories already described so if you do forget something, rest assured it is likely to be available here.

Rishikesh has changed significantly over the years. It used to be primarily the home and pilgrimage point of the saints and traditional people from villages. Now we see a buzzing young community from India and across the globe as well as a variety of dress codes from the ancient to the highly modern. However, Anadi School still recommends that you go with the traditional dress culture sense so as to avoid conflict with the local community and the standards of authentic Yoga. Yoga is based on ahimsa which can also be translated as ‘respect’ so we do advise that your respect the culture in which Yoga is entrenched.
In practical terms this means the following:
For women: wear clothes that reveal as little of your body parts as possible. Avoid exposing the upper arms, cleavage and legs is the most important. We also advise you not to wear very tight clothing that reveals your figure.Not only will you be respecting Indian and Yoga Culture, you will protect yourself from unnecessary attention and harassment (though this rarely happens in Rishikesh). Furthermore exposing less of your body will reduce your risk of sunburn and wearing non body- hugging clothes will help your body breathe. One last thing we suggest, wear natural fabrics as much as possible so that your skin can breathe better; this will help to keep you healthier. For men: different rules apply though too much exposure of body not recommended for the reasons of sunburn. We also suggest you wear natural fibres and non-body hugging clothes for the reasons mentioned above in the women’s section.
What would be ideal for both men and women alike is that they wear local Indian dress though funnily enough the wearing of traditional clothes, especially by young people has gone ‘out of the window’ somewhat. You might want to experiment and see how you feel in yourself and experience the reactions of the local community. Most Indians, though they may not be wearing traditional clothes themselves hold in high esteem non-Indians who are clad traditionally.
How much money to bring for my programme at Anadi School?
Well how long is a piece of string? Your stay at AnadiYoga Centre does not require you to have any money. You may want to carry a certain amount of money to buy your daily needs items as well as clothes, gifts and handicrafts. So the choice is yours. Rishikesh has an abundance of ATM’s so there is no need to carry much cash with you. Money changers are also available but we do suggest for your own safety that you use your ATM card if necessary. International Credit and Debit Cards are also accepted by many shops. Nowadays the QR (quick response) System is used commonly in most shops, be they big or small. However, to use QR you need an Indian Bank. Of course if you intend to stay a longer time in India, please allocated funds for that as per your need. Should you run short of funds and require funds from abroad, you may use the services offered by TransferWise and PayPal for inward remittances.
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