I had the absolute honor of being one of Narendra students for my 200YTT back in Aug. 2015. He is a dedicated and sincere practitioner of yoga himself, which translated to an engaging and highly effective teaching style. Not only did he teach us proper alignment, technique, and breathing, but he allowed for us to discover what yoga meant at a deeper meditative state for each individual. I am forever grateful for his efforts in guiding me along my path.

Francis Frankie Grenham

Arvind was my 200YTT asana instructor. He was very attentive to my personal, physical challenges, and always offered suggestions for asana modifications. What I appreciated most was his personal attention, and that he helped me discover my true physical potential. Without him challenging me I simply would not have developed my personal practice to my full potential. Arvind is not an easy instructor, but he is one who is genuinely interested in your development. He will make you sweat and hurt, but this is to strengthen you and improve your practice. Your practice WILL IMPROVE and you will see the results.


Kristal Peters

Trinidad and Tobago

I was Jeet’s student when i was doing my 200hr YTTC in Rishikesh and i spent 6 weeks as his student. I can sincerely say that as he has a proffesional approach to his duty, it is quite obvious that he is a devoted yogi. He approaches to his students with the idea of ‘yoga is a lifestyle’. He is reachable, fluent at what he does and dependable. He makes his students feel safe during the advanced asana classes with his approach, great direct verbal cueing with a funny sense of humor. I learnt so much from him and that cannot be described by words, they are worthless. I cannot wait to visit Rishikesh and get the chance to practice in his classes again!

Gokce Temur


My name is Alyssa Burton, I began yoga TTC with minimal knowledge of how to accurately position and hold the poses. I was fortunate enough to have Arvind as my Asana teacher. He takes his job seriously inspiring focused commitment to one’s practice. He naturally utilizes his tranquil qualities to provide for a much-needed rest. Adding to spiritual evolution as well as a well-rounded practice. His verbal cues are easy to understand. Arvind’s word choice emits self pride, capability and joy that the student is able to habitually internalize. He is friendly and approachable. It is clear that he cares for his students and is always looking for a student to assist. Offering a safe and stable environment to progress in. I highly enjoyed being challenged, motivated and inspired by this teacher. He truly believes in his students and embodies a passionate teacher that all training yogis hope to become. Arvind is light, welcoming, helpful and, thoughtful and the best teacher I’ve ever had. I am confident calming and open in my practice thanks to his guidance. He is a transforming practice guaranteed. Namaste


Alyssa Burton


I started practicing yoga back in 2007. At that time, yoga was nothing but a form of exercise to lose my sweats and I have been practicing on and off since. Yoga to me was just postures and challenges until I met master Jeet in 2014 and my world of yoga has changed. Master Jeet is an experienced, kind-hearted and dedicated yoga teacher. He introduced me the right path of yoga, the path of non-judgment, the path of love and peace and he brought me out of the egotistic world. In his class, we do not only see his appearance and knowledge but also his heart. He put his heart in every class, his willingness to see his students’ success and development both personally and spiritually. In asana practice, master Jeet introduced other components that included breathing, pranayama and yoga alignment. My asana practice with master Jeet was growing and development as I learned more of anatomy needed for yoga to prevent injuries. His influence in yoga teaching transformed immensely my life, my body, relationships and worldview and helped me fully expressed my true nature. During my years practicing with master Jeet, I was encouraged to practice yoga every day and I was highly motivated to become a yoga teacher. I would love to continue the work of spreading the yogic pathways the same way as master Jeet is contributing. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to master Jeet, my guru, for his heart, his wisdom in introducing me to the yogic pathways. Sri Gurubhyo Namah

Wassa Lakkham


I spent 6 of the most greatest weeks of my life in this magic town in the north of India in Himalayas “Rishikesh”. As a beginner in yoga in 2015 I thought practicing yoga was just in the flexibility of the body, but being in the capital town of yoga you start to understand that yoga is much more than that. I learned so much about not only asanas, but meditation, kriyas and definitely about life. I met one of the best teachers in Rishikesh for sure, Narendra. His style of teaching will push you to your best potential, so for me it was perfect. The best part of his style is that at class he can manage the energy of the group and be connected to each person in the class. He has a good relationship between Teacher-student, and he gets to know each persons own capacity. He could make me go into asanas that I never did before. I liked his style and his teaching so much that I went back the next year in 2016 to Rishikesh to study and practice specifically with him.


Diego Barreto

Bogota, Colombia

Arvind for me is an amazing teacher, who instills all his love and passion for Yoga. He always helped me, pushed me further in the practice, and inspired me to go the extra mile and give the best of me in every class. He´s a very special teacher with excellent teaching skills, who explains every Asana and its variations in detail; he adjusted our postures with a lot of dedication. His practice was also very good, so I definitely got inspired by that; it made me believe I can get there too, it’s just a matter of practice, practice and more practice. Every day, at the end of the class, I felt full of energy and joy, wanting to know more and more, and really looking forward to the following session.



JeetJi’s teaching style surpasses that of any other guru I have practiced yoga with. His understanding of adjustment and alignment, and his ability to convey that to his students in a comprehensible manner is just extraordinary. He is able to get the most strength and flexibility out of you without pushing you past your limit, importantly avoiding injury! But aside from the fact that his classes make you sweat, his light-hearted nature always maintains a sense of ease and relaxation which is what yoga should always be. Just a warning – if you begin yoga under his tutelage, you will never want to leave!

Maithili Raju

Have you ever reached a higher state of consciousness? A place in which there’s no limit to what you can achieve? That moment when you start a journey of awakening with your body and mind? This is what I found during the yoga course with Arvind. He was my teacher during the 200hrs. In each class you will learn something new about yoga for a complete practice and knowledge. Maybe you will expect to learn all about asanas, pranayama and meditation, but, above these, you will find something more. What you’ll learn from Arvind is dedication, discipline, passion, respect and love for yoga, in a new path with yourself. Study with Arvind to play with the unlimited power you have been given. With love, Namastè

Eleonora Scolari

Hello! My name is Maria Fernanda Marquez and I am from Venezuela, South America! I travel to India in August 2016 to made my 200h YTT in Rishikesh.. Being completely honest, my favourite moment in the course was, without a doubt, my morning session: Chanting mantras, pranayama and asana class with Jeet…That clases were amazing!!!! Every sequence was designed to teach us how to prepare to a intermediate asana, how to adjusted and how to guided the people though it.. And all of that information make me improve in my self practice.. Being a better student, that is essential to become a teacher !! Jeet was excellent in his rol as a professor.. He always gave people the modification – more easier or more advance – to get to out unique and final expression of the asana.. And that is a quality that only the best masters have!! And, of course, I will never forget about all the encouraged quotes in his asana clases: RELAAAAAX! Thanks Jeet.. Thanks for being a fundamental part of my experience in Yoga and in India!

Maria Fernanda Marquez

Caracas, Venezuela

After spending almost 30 years practicing yoga, I finally found myself in Rishikesh to learn from the best. Both Narndra and Jeet expanded my practice beyond belief! My lower back stopped hurting in Cobra and Up Dog, my Pranayama practice became a staple of my day, and my overall health and well being improved significantly. I would highly encourage you to study with these two amazing teachers!

Tim Murray


I had the pleasure of having Narendra as one of my instructors at my 200-hr YTT in Rishikesh back in 2012. Narendra’s instruction was very straight forward with a no nonsense learning aspect. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have a lot of laughs and good times but you can tell he takes his teaching of yoga very seriously. Narendra was compassionate and helpful to those going through the class with injuries. Letting them know that everybody’s body is different and showing the correct modifications to avoid any injuries in the future. One of my favorite times with Narendra was when I was able to have a one on one meeting with him. He helped me with mantra chanting which is now a HUGE aspect in my life and the yoga classes I instruct. My fears of not having the right voice, in time, disappeared for it’s the words and not the song that carry message through. Thank you Narendra for guiding me through to the lifestyle of yoga and teaching me how to being able to carry it on to others. I will forever be indebted to you & I look forward to when our paths can cross again. In light & love ~


Dannielle Mares

USA/Costa Rica

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