Why to choose Anadi Yoga Centre

At Anadi we follow the old traditional Yoga practices because it is safe and tested since ages. For us every student is special and important. For us, it is our spiritual and moral duty to provide each student the best guidance and help. For us “Yoga” training is not a Yoga picnic, but it is a very serious traditional responsibility on our shoulders for removing physical, mental and even spiritual problems of the students. We have got best teachers who are well experienced and well known masters in their respective discipline of Yoga. We pay special attention on cleanliness of rooms, restrooms, dining space and other living areas. We can give the best of “Yoga” because we have got the best of “Yoga”. Our Vision ‘Uttishat Jagrat Prapya Varranibodhat’ translates as ‘ Arise, awake…get enlightened from the realized one.’ We are dedicated to uncovering and extricating the lost fragments of yoga with our Abhayasa (discipline) and saadhna (practice). After being associated with yoga for numerous years, this team came together to initiate a place for studying yoga and continuing our relentless endeavor to help students from world over to collectively continue its legacy.